Monday, July 9, 2012

Shelby Series 1

We’re all used to seeing the Shelby logo on the Mustang and the Ace but in the mid 1990’s Carroll Shelby decided to build a brand new car from the ground up using his expect eye. The result in 1999 was the Series 1, offered in both standard 4ltr V8 320bhp guise that would power you up to 170mph, and as an option with a supercharger strapped to it and big brakes fitted, oh and 600bhp on tap.
In total 249 cars were built, all registered in 1999 due to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards expiring, the renewal cost meant it lapsed and was not renewed. However following 1999 the car was sold as a kit car, well it cam built apart from the engine and gearbox, which no doubt arrived at your garage at the same time on another Shelby crate!!!!!!

It certainly looks the part of a super muscle car before the term had been penned, with looks that seem to take the best from the Ace and the Viper with added presence. The car just looks powerful standing still.

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