Friday, July 13, 2012

What’s a sports car?

I know I’m opening up a can of worms with this one, but here’s my take on what is a sports car. Some would quote power figures and 0-60 times, don’t get me wrong there great but for me not the most important thing. For me it’s the feeling of driving, the feedback from the car a sense of fulfilment you have when after a “spirited” drive you park up with that sly smile on your face, tap the dashboard and say “well done” maybe even out loud.
This sensation though doesn’t need to come from more horse power than the local power station, but from a sensation that you and the car are doing your best, at the limit. Power that you cannot use is wasted power, now great handling with less power now that’s fun.

The type of car is also a factor in this. A sports car, for me needs to be just that a sports car, not a powerful saloon that used for ferrying around the kids, or a soft coupe with 4 seats just in case or something that’s had power thrown at it due to all the weight of the driving luxuries. But a car with one purpose, to handle well and navigate through our country lanes at the limit (but not over). Perfect examples of these cars are, the Lotus 7, 2 seats, virtually no boot, no roof and low to the ground. The Morgan 3, okay only 3 wheels but you can’t say it’s been built to ferry around the kids. These cars are built with one purpose the drive.

The closest thing I ever got was a MK1 Toyota MR2, it put a smile on my face every time I drove it, okay mostly when I wasn’t taking it to get fixed at a garage.

And what do all these cars have in common, no driver aids, all the sensations of the drive are felt through your hands, feet and bum. The car is constantly on song, especially if you down a gear, and is willing you on to the next bend. They may not be the fastest but damn their fun. Surely that’s what a sports car should be about fun and if you have to wear goggles and get wet in the rain, all the better.

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  1. White Ford Transit driven by a builder on a Friday afternoon?


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