Monday, August 20, 2012

Classic and Sports Car Show, Tatton Park

I've been to this show a few times over the years but this time was different as I was participating for the first time with my VW Scirocco on the Retrobeutes club stand. Granted this was only for the first day of this 2 day event. This meant I got to take it all in from the start of the day before the public were let in until it had gone quiet again at the end.

This show is big, very big and this year there seems to have been a rush of cars getting out of the garages, the variety was something to behold. From probably over 70 club stands, the majority marque specific, to the individual show ground which was 20 cars long and 6 rows back!!!! What this means is cars were in attendance from the 1920's right through to the 1990's with 300 in attendance on the show ground!!! in the individual show area meant a Rolls Royce could be parked next to a Stag that’s next to a Allegro!!!

Rarities were also mixed in and sometimes hidden on club stands, or in the case of the Delorean stand the whole stand!!!! Cars of note were a Gilbert, an Auto Union, a Berkley, Jenson Interceptor FF's, Renault Alpina the list goes on.

Once you’re done walking around the cars and had a rest with some lunch and a beer there was still the huge Autojumble with everything that you could think off from plants to 10tonne hydraulic presses, a few things even found their way into my shed.

A great day with a fantastic well organised event, I really enjoyed the whole day, as you will see from all the photos and be expecting a few write ups on some of the cars I saw.


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