Friday, August 31, 2012

Lotus Esprit Saint Tropez

No it’s an orange or brown version of the legendary Lotus, but one that may help you get one!!! Paul Baron Bailey (PBB Designs) converted a limited number into drop tops, even a Turbo!!!!!! He had the experience often chopping Roll Royce’s as well as modifying Range Rovers at Glenfrome (here's some of their handywork).

This was not simply a case of cutting the roof off, the whole rear end is effectively new, with the chassis both being extended and strengthened, due to the lack of no c-pillars. The rear section was also widened slightly to accommodate the roof frame. Paul didn’t take this conversion lightly, the prototype as it turned out to be was his own car. Following great interest, and having kept all the moulds, he started building them for customers. In total 6 were built between 1989 and 92, 3 wholly by PBB Designs and 3 more finished by Esprit Development, after they bought the rights and the moulds, although it’s thought PBB worked on them as a sub-contractor.

You must admit the conversion is good, almost factory when you look at how clean the profile is.

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  1. There existed a third one of these wonderful cars, a yellow St. Tropez with a 3.5l Rover engine implanted. I do have some pictures of it, as this car found it's way to me in 2016.


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