Monday, August 6, 2012

VWNW, Tatton Park, Cheshire

I always look forward to this event since last year, partially because I own a Scirocco and party because of the size of the thing. As usual my car was on the Scirocco Register stand so this gave the excuse to get in early and spend the whole day at this relaxed and massive VW show. Theres something for everyone from, stock to highly modified all tastes were catered for

Beach Buggies



All manner of watercooled goodness



And if the cars don’t take up the whole day, the autojumble and traders area will take up the rest, bargains could be seen being carried through the show, I know I even got a few.

The best part of the day though had to be the forecast rain never arriving till the way home, although a thunder storm did a circle of the show ground!!!!!

Already looking forward to next year, highly recommend this for anyone driving or an interest in VAG cars.

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