Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Avon Jaguar XJ6 Estate

When launched in 1979, Avon saw possibilities with the Jaguar XJ6 and in 1980 at the British Motor Show it showed its estate version. And why not, Mercedes had shown that a luxury estate would sell. It was such a revelation that it won the first prize and a gold medal in the International Coachwork Competition. To create the hatch back a hatch from a Renault 5 was grafted on. The result was a load bed of 6’ 7” and over 58cuf of space. They even offered for an additional £475, child rear facing seats making this a 7 seater people carrier, how very modern.

Monday, September 24, 2012

North Cheshire Classic Car and Bike Show

With this being the inaugural event I believe the reputation of the Andrew Greenwood shows had helped fill the show with cars and clubs despite the forecast downpour that thankfully held off. Autumn though was well and truly here when I head over to Arley Hall for what must be one of the last outdoor shows of the year. With me arriving in my VW Scirocco I was asked by the parking marshal “what year is it mate?”, I replied “92”. “turn left and Row F”. That’s right as with many Andrew Greenwood shows there was a section that acted like a rolling part of the show holding cars that people had just turned up in. But unlike previous shows were you were just lined up as you arrived you were directed to rows depending on the age of the car. This meant as you walked down the rows you travelled through automotive time.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rover Metro “Pizza Delivery Van”

So your wanting to develop a 2 seat sports car, that will re-kindle a much loved brand, namely MG, yet need to secretly test it, so how do you without it being noticed???

Well since you “new” car will be based on tried and tested running gear, namely that of the Rover Metro (granted with some hydraulics mixed in), oh and will have its K-Series engine fitted why not use one of those, afterall who would suspect a brown batter 8 tear old, E reg metro of holding the future of both a company but also a brand.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hispano-Suiza Dubonnet Xenia

When i first saw this i thought it was a movie car, built for some 1930's period flick requiring something special for the lead car but with a modern interpretation. But this is the real deal built in 1938, styled in the short lived art deco styling with this rap around bonnet vents. It’s also had a number of modern features, most notably the independent suspension, those futuristic sliding doors and a curved panoramic windscreen. It even had a removeable hard top. The car was powered straight 6.4ltr V6, producing 160bhp.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Looking like something out of a Bond film this electric car was built by numerous companies in a few countries over its history. Originally debut in 1987, when it was called the MiniEL this name stuck until 1992. In 1995 with a new German owner the name changed to CityEL. This was no stalled attempt to build an electric car as its still production today.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Iso Rivolta Varedo

A one off concept designed to show a future and debuted in 1972 at the Turin Motor Show. Taking the classic wedge shape but adding more of an 80's edge to it by designers Ercole Spada and Piero Rivolta, the car was named after Piero home town. Powered by a 5.7ltr Ford V8 mid mounted and punching out 325bhp this was no slouch or purely show car, it was tested on track at Monza.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bertone Mantide

First unveiled in 2009 via sneal peaks on YouTube as Project M, the styling compant Bertone took a Corvette ZR1 (at that time the "King of the Ring") and added a new body over the chassis. Increasing its performance at the same time, both by tweaking out 638bhp out of the supercharged V8, to reducing the weight by 100kg and increasing the all aspects of the aerodymaics from drag coefficent to downforce.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Berkeley T60

I recently saw one of these in the general show area at the Classic Car Show at Tatton Park, it was right at the back and no one seemed to be paying it much attention.
Although looking on the surface this front engine 3 wheeler looks probably older that it actually is. Produced by Berkeley, out of Bedfordshire, the car was debuted in 1959. So why a 3 wheeler? It was to get around the luxury tax associated with “cars”, and therefore made it an affordable option. Even under cutting the 4 wheeled cars Berkley also produced. It could also be driven on a motorbike licence, which probably also contributed to its success.