Friday, September 7, 2012

Bertone Mantide

First unveiled in 2009 via sneal peaks on YouTube as Project M, the styling compant Bertone took a Corvette ZR1 (at that time the "King of the Ring") and added a new body over the chassis. Increasing its performance at the same time, both by tweaking out 638bhp out of the supercharged V8, to reducing the weight by 100kg and increasing the all aspects of the aerodymaics from drag coefficent to downforce.

This though was no styling excercise, Bertone offered this car for sale and in very limited numbers, 10. The price for this hypercar???? $2,000,000. From what I've found out 2 have been built so far, the red one and a white one.

The change from the "donor" car is outstanding every angle screams speed and in the current world of sedate hypercar styling this is a fresh look, taking the fight to the Zonda and Lamborghini, you could easily describe this as a road going concept.

And the white one-


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