Thursday, November 8, 2012

Aaglander Mylord

I know what you’re thinking “wait a minute that’s a Vintage car, it must be rare” and you’d be right if this was a vintage car. What you looking at is a brand new production car, granted its production is very limited, but a current production car none the less. Built by a team of crafts men in Franconian Switzerland and melding old school skill and modern running gear, you get all the look of a vintage car but with the reliability and more importantly power of a modern 3 cylinder, 800cc diesel engine producing 20bhp.
As well as the stopping power using hydraulic disk brake set up. But don’t think this will mean modern sped performance as the top speed is also nostalgic at 20km/hr. as the company’s motto says “The Luxury of a Slower Pace of Life”. They come with all the certificates required to be road legal at least in Germany, which says a lot, and therefore should easily registered anywhere else. The price for this reliable piece of slow moving nostalgia? Starting from 99,000 euros.

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