Monday, November 26, 2012

Austin Ambassador

When I first saw this I thought it was an Austin Princess but with a slightly more angular later body. In one respect I was right but this came a few years after the Princess as a stop gap for 2 years before the Montego was released. Launched in 1982 it was hatched back version of the previous Princess 2, with some style changes, and offered with a 1.7 or 2.0 "O" series engine, with the 2.0 offered with a single or twin carb option. There were 4 states of trim offered: the L, the HL, the HLS and the Vanden Plas.

Now at the time it was built this would not have been a rare car, over 48,000 were built, but due to the poor workmanship and dreaded killer rust, only about 40 are still register on the road in the UK. I think you agree that makes it rare.

At one point the Wolseley name was going to be reintroduced with an alternative grill, from what I gather apart from a styling exercise it didnt go any further-

The gold one below is a 2.0 HL and according to online registers, is one of only 6 that remain and currently has only 50k miles on the clock. (Thanks to Robert Strachan for the pictures and information)

Some additional pictures-

For more information-


  1. My dad had an 82 2.0 Vanden Plas GMA 912X in silver with twin SU carbs gear change was awful but it pulled our 17ft caravan no bother it did rust terribly needing major welding to the under side at only 4 yrs old .

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