Thursday, November 1, 2012

Marcos TSO

Marcos built some stunning cars in the 60’s, the Mantis XP and some questionable ones, the Mantis, but like so many British car builders it struggled through the 90’s with bankruptcy and then in a last gasp with a new owner itcame out with a new car in the 00’s. On paper it all sounds good, 2 seater coupe, racing pedigree , Chevy V8 with up to 400bhp, no electric driver aids and a chassis designed by Prodrive etc it even looked the part!!!! Okay granted it did look a little bit like a TVR. All sounds good but for some reason it didn’t sell, from 2004 to then the company went into liquidation in 2007 only about 12 road cars were built. Why? Well the £50-60k price tag probably didn’t help, that’s up there with the lairy TVR’s and comfortable Porsche 911’s, but form reports of the time was neither on or the other rather just another GT from a small builder.

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