Thursday, November 22, 2012

Martin Stationette

A soon as I saw this I knew it had to be in here, firstly its just so unusual, being a 3 wheeled woody, but also its has a story behind it. Designed in 1950 by James V. Martin, and built by Commonwealth Research Corperation in New York. It was James' third and last attempt to get a manufacturer to produce one of his cars. The car was very forward thinking, almost as innovative as the Mini would be 10 years later, I suppose it was such a shame it was clad in very traditional body. It has no axles, shock absorbers and due to its watercooled 4 cylinder engine hung out the back, no driveshaft running though the cabin. Therefore providing more room for driver and passenger.
The car was even shown at the 1954 World Motor Sports Show and sold as "America's economy car of the future". Over the 4 years he failed to get the car into production and this still remains the only one built. It was recently (2008) fully restored.

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