Thursday, November 15, 2012

Martin/Mobility Conquest

This has to be a story of something good coming out of a tragedy, when Alan Martin’s son was involved in an accident that resulted in his disability Alan developed this trike suitable for disabled riders. The worked up prototype trike pictured below (which is currently on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester) utilises a BMW 850cc engine and front end. The concept was simple allow the rider to ride the trike from their wheelchair. The rear drops down to a ramo remotely and the wheelchair locks into place and off you go.
The final production version was fitted with a 1200cc BMW engine. The production trike was debuted in 2005 at the Mobility Roadshow in the UK and production hoped would be 100 trikes a year. The cost was £18,500 however the trikes made it onto the Mobility Lease Hirer scheme in the UK making it available as a Government supplied disabled vehicle!!!!

Lease agreements were made with a company on the US to manufacture and sell, from 2010 they took over full production and development of the bike when the factory in Hyde, Manchester closed and the name changed to the Mobility Conquest.

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  1. Nice post keep the work going..

  2. Where is that red trike? In a museum?

  3. Where is that red trike? In a museum?

  4. David its in the Museum of Science and Industry ( ) in Manchester


  5. The tiller may contain other features like a speed limiter, lighting controls and turning signals.The gopher also has a battery use indicator. There are thumb paddles, finger controls or a switch to control forward/reverse directions.

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  7. I live in Chicago and ride one of these regularly. Is there any interest to make new models, or similar wheelchair trikes?

    1. Taking long shot with this being old I have a 2010 would like to sale almost new mite have 300 miles total? Mice chew little I'm in Pennsylvania


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