Monday, November 5, 2012

Toyota RV-2

In the world of car design the term “surprise and delight” is now key to selling to the public. Today this means taking something mundane and making it a talking point or simply tactile. In modern cars this may be as simple as the retractable cup holders that come out of the dash and pirouette down. But compared to this concept from the 70’s it’s clearly lacking. Why just have a small feature when you can have the whole rear of the sleek shooting brake GT open up into a camper!!!!
 Job done, there was room for 4 adults to sleep, 2 in the rear and 2 in the folded down front seat. It even had all the modern luxuries, aircon, tape cassette player, electric windows!!! The RV-2 debuted at the 1972 Tokyo Motor Show and was touted over in the USA with marketing material produced to try and see if there was any interest, alas there wasn’t enough and unfortunately the RV-2 never made production still we can still all have some delight in its quirkiness that’s just lacking into days concepts.

Oh one more piece of interesting information, in 1973 it even made it in to Penthouse magazine as part of one of the shoots.

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