Thursday, December 6, 2012

Argonaut Smoke

Spot the odd one out, Supercharged V12, 1010bhp, 240mph or a car from 1959? Well the Argonaut Motor Machine Company promised it all and yes in 1959 on top of a full luxury interior that included an options list which included, TV, running water, air conditioning, bar, refrigerator and compact office!!!! Not only that but unlike the Bugatti Veyron it carried a 4 year guarantee. The cost for the pre-supercar supercar? from $28,600 rising to $36,000. Its not clear how many were built as they were all made to order. The rolling chassis, which included driver electrically adjustable shocks front and rear, was shipped to Bertone or Touring of Italy for there bespoke bodies to be fitted. There were also 3 prototypes built. What an example of automotive excess.


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