Monday, December 3, 2012

Aston Martin Bulldog

Even the conservative Aston Martin dabbled in the "wedge" in the 1970's, this though had more to it than most attempts at the future of car design. Its primary use was as a test bed, and not just a styling exercise. Fitted with a mid mounted 5.3ltr turbo V8 with 700bhp, it was officially clocked at a test session in 1979 at 191mph!!!! even now thats pretty quick by supercar standards. But its theoretical top speed due to that slippery shape was estimated at 237mph, thats Mclaren F1 territory some 10+ years earlier!!!!! The interior was also part of the testing, it was fitted with a digital instruments and fitted with a very modern rear mounted camera, oh it also had gullwing doors, bonus. It was intended that the car would make it in to limited production of 25, but as it has it only this one was built. Interestingly enough the code name for the project wa DP K9 after Doctor Who's dog!!!! It was also, rather oddly for a British car, lefthand drive. It was officially revealed in 1980.

You would have thought that this car, with its test bed roots, would be housed in some Aston Martin museum but you'd be wrong. It was sold by Aston Martin once the development programme was over for only £130,000. Today that same car with new colour scheme and interior will set you back about £1,000,000.


and how it looks now, note the addition of the wing mirrors-

For more information-

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