Monday, December 10, 2012


Like many who saw this viral video last week I was just blown away with it and needed to know more, was it a one off? Was it for a film? etc questions were running through my mind, so after some time on Google to my surprise it turns out that this is a production vehicle!!!!
The original Boaterhome was built in 1996, by Highway Boaterhomae Inc, out of Ontario Canada. utilising a Ford Econoliner front end due to its front wheel drive layout as the "Hauler". The rear "Cruiser" was a 4-6 berth camper/31' boat that had a hatch to the front so passengers could move between them when on the road. Since then it’s been refined and smoothed, and turning into something that you wouldn’t gave a second look at once you thought "arrrhh custom camper". But as you know when you see the video below it was one huge trick up its sleeve. It’s truly go anywhere vehicle with that large boat on the back.

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  1. The boater home has to be one of the coolest concepts I have ever seen. Do you have any idea of the cost?

  2. There is an older one for sale, the price $32,500, as for new I'm not sure-

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  4. I met the inventor, Thomas J. Dickson - if fact tonight I found his business card so I thought I'd look him up and see how THAT went. He was very enthusiastic about his idea, and I wish it had worked out better. PP Box 780 Niagara-on-th-lake, Ontario Canada L0S 1J0 905-468-5857 oh, and his fax # 905-468-5819.


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