Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Judge Dredd Land Rover City Cabs

The year is 2139 and following a world war the worlds population it restricted to massive Mega City's, few car manufacturers remain, one though has thrived, Land Rover.

In 1994 when Hollywood decided to make a film version of the comic book they were looking round for a vehicle to use and Land Rover had won the rights to supply the vehicles. I remember as a lad watching a making off and hearing how the production staff were visiting Land Rover, apparently one of the concept design staff had been sketching an off roader with some inspiration from a ice hockey ski mask. Not only that it just happened to be yellow, the rest they say is history and the taxi's and in fact most cars in this Hollywood future were all Land Rovers.

Designed by Gordon Sked and David Woodhouse utilised the 101 Forward Control chassis and running gear and mounted a fibreglass body on it with little in the way of luxuries such as ventilation, easy access, sound proofing and adjustable seating!!!! Luckily the British Army was retiring a batch from active service and Land Rover bought them back. In total 30 were produced in 3 colour schemes, yellow and black, silver and black and a sort of red primer and black . The bodies were moulded from a fully worked up concept vehicle which was fitted out for interior shots.

Following filming one of the cabs was converted for road use for publicity etc. modifications were needed to get it an MOT'd and registerd for the UK’s roads, such a safety glass for the windscreen, which was also removable in order to get round the need for windscreen wipers!!! Additional headlights were also needed as well as indicators and wing mirrors. The wheels used in the film were simply standard steelies fitted back to front with an additional wheel trim fitted to extend the width. Custom made wheels were needed to replace these. Following production many of them were rebuilt back into 101's, the original concept was retained by Land Rover and the rest sold in to private hands.

Other colour schemes-

And the 101 Forward Control its based on-

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  1. Used to work at Land Rover Solihull in the 90s. They lay around all over the site for ages, after the movie was made. Generally got in the way a lot!

  2. Can't imagine just walking round work and seeing these, thanks for the reply :)

  3. I seem to remember that Sly Stallone had one of these as a personal toy/souvenir after filming finished.

    Also saw one being used as a Demo vehicle for an I.C.E. manufacturer at a car show, the rear was stuffed with amps, subs etc.

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