Thursday, December 13, 2012

Status Mini Minus

So you’ve got a Mini, and you’re looking at it thinking “I wonder if I can make it lower?” most would tweak the suspension or, if possible, put smaller wheels and tyres on, but to do it right you need a replacement fiberglass body. What the Status Minus offered was a 3” reduction in the height of the car, however it wasn’t just a simple roof chop, the window were left the same the chop happened blow the waistline. It therefore requires some though when fitted as the doors needed cutting down, as did the dash and seats bases. The bonnet would also need attention due to the clearance to the engine being lost and the radiator would also need lowering. Beyond that all the other components are straight off a standard mini.

Due to the reduction in weight Status quoted 50mpg and a top speed in excess of 100mph were possible from a standard mini, with more available if the engine were modified due to the reduction in weight reduced drag. Originally this kit would have set you back about £500 in the 60’s, production went on into the 90’s but new old stock can still be found and how much £2750. This though is still a rare car; the Mini Minus Register only has 63 logged!!!!!

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