Thursday, January 10, 2013

Italdesign Capsula

As pure concepts go this has to be in the ugly beautiful section, however the thought behind it is quite interesting. A chassis that is doubled floored to hold all the running gear and engine, this would then allow a variety of bodies for different uses to be “bolted” on. The ides was taken form coach/bus construction. This was back in 1982, today every manufacturer does something similar, such as the VW Polo sharing the same chassis/engine/running gear as the SEAT Toledo/ Skoda Rapide. This concept took it a little further with the use of the final vehicle being taken into account and could be reconfigured into an ambulance, fire truck or even a van etc this is truly a multi-use vehicle platform.

The car though that was built to show case the running styling theme though even back then must have seemed a little odd with it spit windows, you just can’t help but think what it would look like with that top section removed.

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