Monday, February 11, 2013

Fuel Magazine: Review

I’ve known about this magazine for a few years, with it showing up in RetroCars Magazine (UK) and on, but it wasn’t until last week with the awesome news that it was now being stocked in the UK at selective newsagents. From the list there was a local WH Smiths on it and I dispatched the otherhalf to pick me up a copy (she works in the same shopping centre).

With anticipation I got the text "got your magazine", I then had to wait will 10pm that night before she was home. When I finally got a copy in my hand it turned out it was a double issue (07,11), I just hoped that it lived up to the expectations I had put on it.
Sitting down and leisurely leafing through the magazine and digesting them both over 3 hours or so my expectations had in deed been met.

The one thread that goes throughout all the articles, no articles isn’t right stories fits it much better, because that’s what they are, the story about both the machine and the person behind it. I think the latter is always more interesting. With great emphasis on how that current custodian both came by the car or bike, why they wanted that particular one and then on to the work they've done. All surrounded with gorgeous pictures that really show off their pride and joys.

The stories are all about individual cars or bikes, personally built, not ones that follow the current trend or latest modifying fashion. They may hark back to the past or sit in a particular "scene" for use of a better word, but within that there individual built with passion to a vision.

Cars and bikes though are only a small part of Fuel, they do though bind together all the other strands that weave in and out of these two factions. Strands such as life style, art, photography and events. Its a look into a whole world and the people who live in and around it.

The way this is done is via question and answer sessions that fits this very well, and hearing it in their words as you read gives a much better insight than a writer just telling you about it. You get to see the part of the "scene" from their point of view, be that through a lense, behind a windscreen, end of a brush or within a bike helmet.

My only itch was with the one page articles that are followed by three to four pages of pictures showing these cars in all their glory, when I got to the end of them I was wanting to know more!!!! Maybe that’s a good thing, as been said about a many things "leave them wanting more" and I do, just cant wait for the next issue to end up here in the UK.


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