Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BPG Works Uno, Uno2 and Uno3

When I first saw a picture of the Uno I honestly thought it was a photoshop, afterall it looked like a unicycle mixed with a sports bike. How wrong was I, not only was this thing real but was also a production bike!!!!! The bike was invented/developed by Ben Gulak following a trip to a smoggy China, he decided to create a small vehicle that could be easily stored as well as being electric to reduce pollution. This was the result, using similar technology as the Segway ie you use your body weight to make the vehicle move. But unlike the Segway this thing looks so cool. So cool that it won a Grand Award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, it was featured on the cover of Popular Science (June 2008) as an “Invention of the Year”.

The Uno did have one problem, stability at high speed, but following the success of the Uno Ben set up BPG Works after getting funding on Dragons Den and started developing the U2. One that would solve the inherent problems. The U2 travels at low speeds on two parallel wheels as a compact urban commuter. For more stability at higher speeds, the dicycle’s wheels splay apart, transforming it into a motorcycle!!!!! Unfortunately there were issues with making the design reliably safe and it never made production and only remains as a prototype. But just look at it, it looks like a cross between the original Uno on steroids and ED209 from Robocop!!!

The Uno3 took the Uno2 prototype and upped the game again this time taking the transforming nature and solving the safety issues by adding a 3rd wheel. This additional wheel deploys at higher speeds, just watch the video below it will blow you way.

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