Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pininfarina Fiat Abarth 2000

Just looking at this car and you know when it was built, that change from chrome and tradition but before the wedge, oh yes we're talking the late 60's early 70's when concept building was all about one upmanship. This was the 1969 offering by Pininfarina fits perfectly in that change in design philosophy.

What a concept though, full tilting roof / door!!! Probably needed due to it being just over 39" tall. Rear engined with a 2ltr 4 cylinder engine with DOHC's and producing 220bhp, which would take this thing upto 170mph!!! oh and 6 headlights.

Not much information beyond this above on this one that I could find but I think the picture below both do it justice as well as set the time it was built in. Personally I think its fantastic both of its time and forward thinking, just the way a concept should be.


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