Monday, March 18, 2013

Renault Clio V6

There were some crazyly built hot hatched built in the 80's with the onset of Group B rallying, built in order to fill the quota needed to holomogate them. However by the 00's Group B was no more and the need for mad mid engined small shopping cars for manufacturers to go "racing". This didnt stop Renault dusting of the concept that had worked for the 5 and building a version for the next generation.

This time it was the current hatchback that got the treatment, the Mk2 Clio. Well in name anyhow, the majority of the car was reworked in order to turn the front engined, front wheel drive car in to a mid engined and rear wheeled drive mini supercar!!!!! Granted this added 300kgs to the lightweight Clio but with 227bhp with the first phase (2001-2003, built by Tom Walkinshaw Racing) and 252bhp with the second (2003-2005, built in house by Renault Sport) meant it was much, much faster than the top of the range sport version available at the time the Clio 172 Cup. 0-60mph came up in 5.9s compared to 6.7s for the Cup. The more powerful Phase 2 in its day back in 2003 was the most powerful hot hatch produced.

Oh and that V6, wasnt anything special infact it was almost a parts bin engine, granted upgraded for more power, but it could be found in the Peugeot 406, 407, 607 and Citreon C5!!!!!

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