Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lamborghini Urraco

Previously on here I did an article on the forgotten Lamborghini's and this was one. First debuted at the Turin Motorshow in 1970 it was quiet a departure for Lamborghini that had built high performance and highly priced sports cars and GT cars. It was also a complete clean sheet design by Macello Gandini, working for Bertone at the time, sharing no parts with the previous cars. It was also smaller, with a nod to practicality with it being a 2+2 and cheaper to buy. Revised tax laws and a need to fill spare capacity as well as compete with a new fleet of smaller sports cars by Ferrari and Maserati, entry level so to speak.

It wasn’t until 1973 that the car made it in to production. Over its 6 year production life until 1979, 791 were produced in 3 versions each on getting its V8 engine increased in size from the P200 with 2.0ltrs (180bhp, 66 produced), through the P250 with 2.5ltrs (217bhp, 520 produced) to finally the P300 with its 3.0ltrs (247bhp, 190 produced). Technically a 4th version was produced in very limited numbers for export to the US, these had larger bumpers and restrictions on emissions meaning a de-tuning of the power from the V8, these were classed a P111's, only 21 were built.

Its a striking car and when i saw the one below recently it just jumped out from the cars around it, even out shining the relatively mass produced Countach parked opposite.



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