Monday, April 15, 2013

Lancia Flavia Sport Zagato

I first saw this very car below at the inaugural Indoor Classic Car Showin Manchester in 2011, unfortunately the poor lighting meant all my pictures turned out rather fuzzy!!!! So just think of my delight when at a resent show it turned up again, and what’s better the lighting was perfect. So here it is the Lancia Flavia Sport, what caught my eye were those rear windows scooping up into the roof line.

Okay let’s take a step back, what we have here is a 2+2 that had its body styled and crafted out of aluminium by Zagato and was originally fitted with a 90bhp 1.5ltr boxer engine that drove the front wheels. As the production progressed this was increased to 1.8ltr and eventually a mere 32 were fitted with fuel injection. Its light weight meant it was fast, easily capable of over 100mph, and had success in both endurance and rally driving.

One unusual feature fitted to this expensive car (£2736 in 1965 that would get you two, yes 2 Jaguars!!!!) was the motor driven opening rear window that could be controlled by the driver. Built between 1963 and 67 a total of 626 were built making this Lancia a true rarity. I'll admit I was quiet taken by it, but couldn’t definitely say if i liked it or not, i suppose its awkward looks are endearing and we'll leave it there i think.



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