Monday, May 20, 2013

AllTypes VW Show, Bodelwyddan Castle

This is a show that well and truly on my calendar (2012, 2011 etc), in the last few years I've not only attended but had my Scirocco on the Scirocco Registers club stand, which meant I got to see the whole show from start to finish. So after an early start (6am) I drove the 70 miles from Manchester to Abergely to meet up with my fellow Scrirocco's before heading back to Bodelwyddan Castle for the day. And what a day definitely one of two halves. The start was one of low cloud and the constant threat of rain while the afternoon was clear blue skies and sunburn!!!! This could have something to do with the poorer turn out of show vehicles and clubs that has become the norm for this show. The empty top of the field really did show that something was missing as well as the lower numbers of aircooled, particularly Bugs this year. Good job the vans and dune buggies made up for it.



However if watercooled was your choice then there was quite a variety on show from the staple Golf's in all marks, Polo's, Corrado's and of cause Scirocco's. Add to that a splattering of Audi's, Skoda's and Porsche. With Dubfiction taking what a club can show to new levels of. All the cars were low, custom and without doubt of seriously high quality.

Another club on the top of their game was the MK1 Golfs Club, with the awesome selection of drop tops, including that Vilkus hard topversion.


The blue one below though was simply stunning and all day there were people walking round it, taking more time than they would normally do just taking it in, which just shows how good this car was.

Highlight of the show, hmmm that’s a tough one, although there were a lot of cars attending a stand out car is tough, there were some great caddy's and Polo's but one that really got me was the red Mk1 Jetta below. It was probably something to do with the rarity but also the stance on those ATS Cups wheels was just perfect.


I also loved the leather straps holding down the bonnet on this as well-

In addition to that a special mention has to go to the bay window fire engine was really nice to see, who'd have thought that you could do that with an aircooled bus!!!!!

Another great day, helped out with the improving weather throughout, hopefully the club attendance will be back up again for next year as this is a great opener for the North West VW show season.

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