Thursday, May 30, 2013

Talbot Matra Murena

The title of a picture over on Retrobeutes got my attention “rare, 3 seat French car”, hmmm all the boxes ticked there then. The picture had been taken at the Capesthorne Hall Classic Car Show, not far from my home those two things were enough for me to head over there the following day. Although that car was not there another white one was, but it did get me thinking exactly how rare are these!!!!

Now on the face of it with the name Talbot on the fibreglass body work many would assume, like myself, that this was a kit car based on something out of the Talbot factory. Well it’s not, this is a mass produced car built by Matra. The Talbot part comes from the engines, either the 1.6ltr out of the Talbot Alpine or the 2.2ltr out of the Talbot Tagaro. These tweaked engines were nestled mid ship onto a purpose built chassis, which was galvanised by the factory and was a first in 1980, before its body was attached. A body that had the lowest drag coefficient of any production car until the Panther Solo in 1988!!! All in all this with the added practicality of a 3rd seat give an impressive package; it doesn’t look to back either. This probably explains why 10680 of these were built. (5640 1.6ltr’s, 4560 2.2ltr’s and 480 2.2 S)




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