Monday, May 13, 2013

VW IRVW Futura

Debuted in 1989 as the car we'd be driving in the year 2000 by Volkswagen, it wasn’t that far off. Well about 10 years, bear with me. This was effectively a people carrier; it had an LCD screen to give the driver information, a 1.7ltr petrol engine that was a frugal as the conventional diesel due to its direct injection, catalytic convertor, 4 wheel steering, lane and hazard proximity sensors!!!! All these are available as either standard equipment or options on most new cars these days. Its party piece thought way automatic parking using that 4 wheel steering system to crab into a space.

It was even on Tomorrows World showing to show it off-

So it wasn’t 10 years ahead of the time, but 20 years ahead of the time.


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