Thursday, June 13, 2013

GTM Libra

At first glance I thought this was just a modern Mini based kit car due to its proportions. To an extent I was right, well its DNA goes back to the Mini, but this thing is all bespoke. GTM started with mini based kits. This though is all lightweight sports car with thoroughly modern construction that had 3 years of development in it designed for the "ultimate performance". It was built around a fiberglass monocoque tub that everything was bolted to, just like a Ferrari.
That includes a frame outback that held the mid mounted engine and fully adjustable all round suspension!!!! Initially it was offered with a 1.4ltr "K" Series engine however there was room back there to fit up to the 1.8ltr VVC engine out of the MGF or even Honda VTEC's all were offered as an options. Back in 1998 not only was it offered as a built car, if you had the skill it was also available at a kit car, all you needed was a donor Rover Metro for bits and registration!!!!! 

So how much would you pay for a mid engined lightweight sports car? well back in the day the one below was offered built with a new engine fitted and registered from £14,995 or as a kit for £10,995. Unfortunately the company was sold in 2003 to RDM and later in 2007 to Potenza. Yes it is now on my list of possible project cars.





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  1. Yes the GTM Libra and Spyder are very flexible due to the spacious engine bay. Being mid-engined I expect that simplifies things because you don't have to worry about the steering.

    One correction: GTM has not folded, it is wholly owned by Westfield Sports Cars. Although they said they won't produce anymore original Libras or Spyders they do supply parts for them and are working on a new car the 'Westfield GTM'.

  2. Thanks for the info Craig, I've updated the article


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