Monday, July 15, 2013

BMW E25 Turbo

Before the legendary, and personal favourite, M1 there was this concept built by BMW to celebrate the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, well actually both of them. Designed by Paul Bracq and built by Michelotti in Turin it had all the super car concept bells and whistles. Most importantly though weren’t those gullwing doors or even the wedge shape or the digital dash, but the newest toy on the block a huge Turbo bolted to the 2ltr, 4 cylinder M10 engine which was strapped mid ship. Producing 276bhp it was good for a top speed of 155mph.

This though was more than just a styling exercise for the future M1 it also looked forwarded at the future for safety. It had impact absorbing foam in the front and rear of car and side impact bars, but most notably, more so because it’s now available on higher end cars, radar distance monitoring with active braking!!!!!




  1. Wonderful BMW E25 Turbo!!! I have crashed to see the car features which is really, amazing to me as well and sure the car must get the market because the car design is really amazing and unbelievable nice to look with fantastic colors.

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