Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stiff Speed Tumbler

Posting on this site means I go looking for website that verge on the odd in terms of cars, however once in a while you come across a site that just blows you away. That’s what happened with Stiff Speed. I was originally looking for pictures of retro cars for another forum that I help administer Retrobeutes, but as I scrolled down I just got intoxicated with it. The fact most of the pictures are scanned in “real” photos with their time honoured fading. They show car scenes such as hot rodding and drag racing with a mixture of choppers thrown in for good measure, through various decades with what was the cutting edge styling and modifying of the time which today just seems nostalgic.


The fact the pictures are sent in from readers gives them a more personal touch with the images being of their pride and joys either on the strip, car show or in their driveway. You get a real sense of the time, after all with today’s throw away digital photography, taking a picture of a car or a bike really did mean a lot to both the owner and the person snapping.

I’ve included a selection of a few more shots below to demonstrate what I mean but I recommend you make a brew, sit down and indulge.





  1. Thanks for the kind words. I'm loving the Retrobeutes page. :-)
    Steve @Stiffspeed

  2. My pleasure steve, glad you like retrobeutes as well :)


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