Thursday, October 17, 2013

Covini B24 Turbocooler

We’ve already covered the more recent 6 wheeled Covini 6CW, this though harks back to the start of the company. Unveiled at the Geneva Car Show in 1981, it was built as an experimental mule to test new car technologies such as air-liquid cooled intercoolers. It was also fitted with a diesel engine which at the time made it the fasted diesel powered car of the time when it hit 200kph!!!!

Although created at a test bed it was popular enough for 9 more to be built and sold in the states, however these were fitted with a more conventional petrol engine in the guise of a 2.5ltr Lancia Gamma engine and given the designation B 424. There’s definitely some Lancia Monte Carlo in that design with those flying buttresses, but seems to have something more about it with that diving line from back to front, no wonder people want one.


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