Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ferves Ranger

 In 1966 Ferves (Ferrari Veicoli Speciali) introduced the world to the prototype of the Ranger, a small off road vehicle, at the Turin Motor Show. As you can probably guess from its proportions it’s based on the Fiat 500, utilising its 499cc engine with 22bhp mounted out back as well as steering and suspension as well as the brakes out of the Fiat 600. When it was put in to production the following year it was offered in two versions the Ranger and the Cargo. The Cargo, despite its small engine, could carry loads up to 300kgs.

Both offered open air driving with a removable roof, folding windscreen and on early model removable doors. A few years into production it was offered with four wheel drive to match those off road looks. Unfortunately by 1971 production stopped as the company was declared bankrupt. In total 562 vehicles were built of the unusual and cute car.



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