Monday, October 7, 2013

Record breaking attempt Porsche 935

Well record breaking is only slightly true, the car really helped break a record. But what a car to help you hey!!! We’ll get back to that huge wing arrangement on the back in a minute or so, let’s start with the car, Porsche modified one of its 800bhp racing monsters for the record attend. They were not the only German manufacturer to lend a helping hand. Volkswagen loaned them their Ehra-Lessien test track, you know the one James May topped out the Bugatti on, as it had a 9km long straight. So what record could possible need an 800bhp racing porker wearing one hell of a rear wing and really long straight? Cycling

Seriously, this was used to try and set the world record for the fastest speed on man powered two wheels, the porkers rear end was to create a no drag pocket for Jean Claude Rude to cycle in while on the move. He had set his sights on 240km/h, at the time the record stood at 204.7km/h set in 1962 by Jose Meiffret behind a Mercedes Benz 300 SL on a German Autobahn.

In order to try and set the record the exhaust from the Porsche had to be directed out to the sides in order to stop Jean being hit by the flames coming out of them!!!! There was also a turbo lag issue which meant the car would surge in acceleration. It wasn’t only the car that was modified the bike was also as short as possible to ensure that it was held within the slipstream. The risks on Jean were very high if the car lurched under throttle it risked the bike falling behind and letting in that wall of air which would no doubt cause the bike to lose control.

So how did he and the Porsche do? Well he didn’t get the record but he did avoid serious injury when on his fast run one of the tyres burst at 160km/h, thankfully he brought he bike to a stop under control. He never made a second run or ever get the record.


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