Monday, November 18, 2013

Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show, NEC, Birmingham

Thanks to Lancaster Insurance I headed down to what is probably the largest indoor car show in Europe last Friday, the first time I’ve attended since 2008 and how it’s grown. Over those years it’s gone from filling three of the NEC’s massive halls to now spanning five. The quality and abundance of metal now on show has also improved from “just a classic car show that’s in doors” to showcasing the best of the best as well as club projects, rare gems and concept cars. Enough to make walking round this colossal show take six hours, and some of that was at some pace!!!!

Where to start, where in deed with 1500 cars to look at (and no doubt I missed some) there was quiet literally something for everyone from classic Fords, MG’s, Vauxhalls, Rovers, Citroens, Renault, Peugeot and  Volkswagens. To Bitter, Rochdale, Morgan, Riley, Jensen, Bristol, Ginetta, countless micro cars, American Muscle and customs and everything in between.



Mixed in with this mass of vintage and classic metal here and there were some truly spectacular cars that just got me excited to see some really rare machines. Firstly on the Panther Club stand there was the Solo, looking epic in its recent yellow paint job, a car that reportedly only one of three that was sold to the public. The owner of this one also has another!!!!
Next from a few rows over I just caught site of the rear of this one off “Special” the Ogle “Sotherby Special” Aston Martin with that bank of rear lights.

With thanks to the Bugatti Owners Club for letting me on the stand, next on the list of super rare cars was this Super Sport Veyron that I was allowed to photograph up close. Keep an eye out for a full write up soon.



The Lamborghini stand also impressed with its cars, there may not have been many but a Countach, LM002 and Murcielago SV certainly made up for it. And again thanks for the club for letting me on the stand.

The stand of the show though has to be that of Ferrari, how often do you get to see an F40, F50 and Enzo all parked next to each other, just astounding.

Although the De Tomaso stand was also fantastic and the Pantera’s were stunning the Ferrari’s just piped it.


Other rarities included Jaguars ill-fated XJR 15 production/race car, with both the original as well as a reproduction on show.

And talk about ill-fated production cars there was also the recently cancelled C-X75 supercar, although to be honest when I first saw it from the side I was wondering why there was a Lamborghini on the Jaguar stand!!!!!

Highlight of the show, hmmm now that is tough I’ve already mentioned the F40, XJR-15 and the Ogle but one that stood out for me way beyond all the others and also had my Dad who attended with me saying “have you not got enough pictures of that one yet” was the superb Lamborghini Miura S. This example on the Meguiars stand was flawless and resplendent in its green paint and awesome to behold.


The cars are only about three quarters of the event, the rest is full of traders who will sell you everything from driving gloves, tools, books, replacement panels, memorabilia, pictures etc if you needed something chances are either you’d find it or a company that could supply it.


If you had the time there was even the Drive for Charity where you could choose on of about 50 or so classic and performance cars to be taken out in for donation. Also the Silverstone Auction had, from all reports, a good first outing with some exceptional cars going under the hammer.

What a day exploring all these cars, the slideshow below is just a small selection of the cars on display and congratulations and thanks have to be given to the clubs and people who give up their time to show and highlight all the marques that were in attendance, it was well appreciated.

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