Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lamborghini Faena

Just like with the Porsche Panamera not being the first time the German builder had looked at four doors car, the 989 pre-dates it by 20 years, the Estoque wasn’t the Italian supercar makers first attempt either. Created by Pietro Frua over 8 months he took a 1974 Espada and extended its chassis by 7”s to accommodate those rear doors, it debuted in 1978 at the 57th Salone internazionale dell'Automobile.

Comparing this car to the one it was based on there’s not much left of the original except maybe the doors, roof and windscreen. The front end has had pop up lights fitted, then again what sports car of the time didn’t and the engine remained the 4ltr V12 producing 350bhp that was also found in the Countach.

The Espada-

Following its 1978 debut it was shown to the public again in 1980 at the Geneva Auto Show, it was hoped that it would go into low volume production but alas nothing came from it. Sold and is currently in private hands although its recently undergone a full restoration.

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