Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FSO Syrene Sport

This is what you get when you give a free hand to some young designers who are told to build a test bed for new applications and upgrades to an existing production car the Syrene. Under that sculpted sporty body was a new four stroke, two cylinder 700cc boxer engine. Unlike the sporty attributes of that fibreglass body the new engine really didn’t give the performance producing only 25bhp, with all that power going through a four speed gearbox.

Only one car was built in 1957 by the Polish company and racked up some 29,000km in testing as well as getting some positive public and press reactions. Unfortunately even though the car was never meant for production it was shelved in1960. I suppose a decadent two seater was not the done thing in what was a country still behind the iron curtain. It’s also thought that the car was destroyed in the 1970’s to make room at the factory. It’s a real shame because with some more power that good looking car would have sold well. I recommend you take a read through the full history of the car with the link below.

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