Friday, February 14, 2014

Ford Mustang RSX

Now if there’s bad timing then this concept could have been it. The Rallye Sport Experimental was first shown at the Chicago Auto Show back in 1979, having been designed by Ford’s Ghia studio in Turin. They took a standard Fox Body Mustang cut 6”s from its chassis, widened it by an inch or so and removed the rear seats but kept the four cylinder 2.3ltr turbo charged engine. The new body was designed to be more aerodynamic with the rear wing reducing drag and those doors were supposed to look like glass in reality they were plexiglass.

Now I mentioned bad timing, in 1979 Group B rallying was still 4 years away and this thing would, well on paper, have suited it down to a T. It just make you wonder if Ford Europe had forgotten about it when they were instructed to create the RS2000. So this car remains as a concept as truth be told it didn’t have a market to be sold in.


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