Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition

After nearly 25 years both in production and at the top of its game, Lamborghini decided on last furore with the Countach with a new full body kit to ensure it went out with a bang. I was privileged enough allowed to photograph this one at last year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Car at the NEC, with the owner letting me get up close. The first thing you notice about the Countach is how relatively small it is when compared to say the MurciĆ©lago.

The Anniversary edition was essentially a restyled 5000QV that had been in production since 1985, with its 5.7ltr V12 producing 455bhp that would take it 0-60mph in 4.7s and on up to 183mph flat out. The most stark change with the body kit was the change from forward facing air intakes on top of the engine bay to more rear facing ones, although these actually helped cooling, a major problem in the Countach over its 25 years.

From 1988 until the Diablo was unleased in 1990, 658 were built in Italy making it the most produced version of the Countach. For me though this final version lost some of its purity in the pursuit of speed and dominance in the super car war. But even with its ever wider wheels (this version was fitted with the widest available at the time just like the original version) it still stopped people in their tracks which is testament to a design that hasn’t aged or gotten less outrageous even today nearly 40 years later.




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