Monday, March 24, 2014

Principal Insurance Manchester Bike Show

Thanks to Andrew Greenwood Classicshows I headed over to Event City. Now in its 3rd year, this indoor show has once again grown snowballingfrom last year with more manufacturers, dealers, clubs, vendors and space.
On entering your in the mix of the manufacturers and dealers with Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki Suzuki showing off all there wears from race bikes to scooters.

Add to that the smaller manufacturers like Moto Guzzi, Vespa, Victory, Indian and Royal Enfield (who had really a huge and fantastic stand) also in the mix making sure if you were after a new bike there was something for everyone.

The Victory Bikes stand though (which was absent from last year’s show) was simply awesome, the quality and sheer size of the bikes on show was definitely wooing the huge crowd of people passing by. The high handle barred one and the Hammer were the stars for me with their clean lines and custom feel.

As I mentioned the one thing that can make or break a show are the clubs and this year they turned out in force with clubs showcasing both specific bikes as well as local general clubs to boot. The Honda GT750 stand was great with some outstanding bikes as well as the Manchester Scooter Clubs stand.

The custom bikes dotted all over the event were also one to catch your eye with some just having subtle paint and others fully custom built from the ground up.

This was a full on miniature drag bike, but don’t let its size fool you I was informed that it was nitrous powered and has hit 200mph on the strip, all that and your face is 14” off the ground!!!!!

The stand out club stand was a tough one, the stands swung between trophy bikes perfectly restored with hours of love bestowed on them to clubs who showed bikes that were ridden with some not even being cleaned and showing there life in the dulled chrome. But the one that stood out was the Bimoto Owners Club, for a bike that commands such a hefty price tag when new, well you are buying a hand built bike, the mix of old and new was just perfect.

Obviously for any show the bikes are just part of the event, the number venders was also up selling everything from boots, leathers, tools, patches you name it you could probably get it. Add to that the stunt show and crowd of people taking it all in it wsa just a great show.

Another great show and this one keeps getting bigger and better it took over three hours to get round and take everything in, no doubt if the weather had been better the bikes turning up outside would have added to the show. With so much to see the above is only a small selection of what was on display, please take a look at the slideshow below to see more.

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