Thursday, March 27, 2014

Triumph Italia / 2000

Between 1959and 1962 Triumph sent 329 TR3 chassis’s, engines and running gear were sent over to Italy and coachbuilder Vignale dressed it in this fantastic body. The car was originally commissioned by Triumph for the 1958 Turin Motor show and was produced by Michelotti.

Dr Salvatore Ruffino, who owned a CESAC a distributor and dealership for Triumph in Italy. He approached Triumph with plans to produce the Italia with plans for an initial run of 1000. As part of the deal an unofficial agreement with Triumph would have seen a car in the showroom of every Triumph dealership worldwide, some 720. However with Triumph being amalgamated into British Leyland the agreement never came to anything, particularly due to the imminent release of the TR4.
The first 30 cars were built by Vignale, the remainder were built by Ruffino on a leased Vignale production line and renamed the Triumph 2000. As the distribution deal fell apart with Triumph the name was changed again to the Italia 2000. The link below has loads of information about this unusual and rare, it’s thought there are only 15 cars left on the road worldwide. The car below is currently on show at the Coventry Motor Museum.


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