Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

We all know the statistics of the Veyron a car that gained instant iconic notoriety with truly unbelievable numbers on its release in 2005. This one though went out to retake the record that had made it infamous, fastest production car in the world. It reset the number at 267.856 mph, with its increased power of 1184bhp from its  8 ltr W16 engine in 2010.

I was fortunate to get up close and personal with this one at last year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show at the NEC, thanks to the Bugatti Owners Club. It was truly a car to behold, low, wide and with the omnious grill. This though wasn’t some cheap version, oh no, this one limited to only 30 production versions tipped the scales for the sum of £1.7m!!!! So you can understand I was watched like a hawk whilst clicking away.

You really don’t realise the detail and finish of this car until its right in front of you. The first thing you notice is the colour, from a distance it looks black, up close you can see its carbon fibre that’s just been clear coated. It gives that car a slight bronze hue.

The rear wing mechanism is a wonder to behold and the interior, despite this being a lightweight version is still awash with leather and luxury. My 15 minutes with it was far too short, the car is breath-taking and I don’t think I took it all in as most of the time was spent looking at it through a view finder.


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