Wednesday, June 11, 2014

AC 428 Frua Convertible

So the styling of the AC Cobra was a little to brutal for your tastes in the 60’s then the 428, based on the same chassis but extended by 6”s and running gear as the Cobra, had a body sculpted by Italian Coachbuilders Frua of Italy.

To be honest when I first saw it the last car badge I was expecting to see on the front of this Italian GT drop top was the very British AC. Built between 1965 and 73, 81 left the Surry factory after their very long journey being built of which only 29 were convertibles. The chassis were built in Surry England, before being shipped to Italy to have their bodies fitted, then shipped back to Surry to have the Detroit sourced engine and transmission fitted and to be finished. It was said that by the time the car arrived at its owners its warranty had already lapsed!!!! All this travelling meant it was immensely expensive, 40% more than an Aston Martin DB6 of the time.

What it did buy you though was performance. With its fully independent race derived suspension and a 7ltr V8 power unit pushing out 385bhp, meant it would do 0-60mph in supercar fast 6.2s and go on until 141mph. It definitely has a look about it, blending the best that Italy had to offer in the 60’s, you can easily see Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati blended in there, to whom it was to compete with.

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