Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ford Convair Special

In the 50’s there were lots of sports car companies that sprang up to both build and sell kits cars, Convair Development Company was one of many and this was their baby offered in 1957.

Based around Ford 10 components and fitted with a Ford side valve engine, it was at one point listed as a possible entrant in the 750 Motor Club 1172cc class for 1960. Despite the shell being constructed in far superior fibreglass, must admit the one below looked very substantial, than some competitors it didn’t manage to get a foothold, only selling 6 cars.

I’ve found information that one was fitted to MG TF running gear as well as images of convertible versions. The one below is at the Haynes Motor Museum with conventional doors but I’ve seen pictures of one fitted with Gullwing doors. If you have any more information please get in touch.

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