Friday, July 18, 2014

Neorion Chicago

After dabbling with electric cars, Greek millionaire Giannis Goulandis wanted to build a conventional car. So taking inspiration from luxury 30’s styled cars but wanted it mixed in with cross-country capabilities. You read that right a 4 wheel drive off roader that looked like a 30’s luxury limousine.

The car was built around a reinforced steel chassis to give added protection to the passengers, by Neorion’s ship building department before an AMC V8 was put in the front. The original flowing design was lost a little in the need to accommodate the motor. In 1974 it was unleased on the public, unfortunately (well maybe not) only 2 completed cars were built and were under construction when a change in Greece’s law meant the project was abandoned in 1976.

What a crazy idea a retro styled 4x4, powered by a gas guzzling V8, at a time of the oil crisis. To be honest it look more like a kit car, with a new body stuck on a second hand pick up chassis, not a bespoke built car. Add to that the small wheels and high ride height I’m surprised it sold two!!!! Who knows what might have happened if he lost the need for the cross-country aspect and sold it as a 30’s retro car!!!!!

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