Sunday, August 17, 2014

Passion for Power, Tatton Park

This is a huge show and I was there for the whole of the first day on the Retrobeutes stand, which looking at the weather report would be the better of the two.

With car clubs, individual showers and a huge autojumble there’s a lot to see. In addition, for the first time, the “Dream Car Pavillion”.  3 to 4 hours are needed to get round it all and take it all in. I’ve been to this show several times before because of the great mix of cars.

There’s always the staple clubs and marques, like MG, Triumph, Rolls Royce, Ford etc

But this year seemed to lack of standout cars, don’t get me wrong there were some stunning examples with breath-taking finishes but that odd 3 or 4 cars that surprise you, unlike previous years, just wasn’t there. Well to be fair there was the TVR 612 Tempest, Maserati Karif and Wiesmann GT.

The part I really do like is the huge individual shows are, because of the variety of vehicles parked up next to each other, which could see a Mach 1 Mustang sat next to Mini sat next to a 30’s Rolls Royce.

The introduction of the “Dream Car Pavilion” this year not only added to the event with Dealers showing the latest Bentley’s, Rolls Royce Wraith, Lotus’s, Fisker, McLaren, Morgan and Alfa Romeo 4C.

The massive autojumble which thankfully unlike a lot of huge shows, is still parts and relevant to the main show, believe me I’ve been to some shows where it’s just a car boot selling tat. Which meant if you were after body panels, nuts, bolts, lights, tools or period signs then you were in luck.

 Saturday was definitely the best day for the event as writing this on the Sunday afternoon looking at all the rain I get the feeling the turnout of both vehicles and the public will be low.

As usual, a great huge show with cars squeezed in everywhere, the kind of show you really need to walk round at least twice to make sure you get to see everything.


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