Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ADC Scout

I know what you’re thinking, “There’s a Rover Metro in there isn’t there!!!” and you’d be right. Back in 1991 ADC (Automotive Development Consultants) drew up 6 concepts all based upon the humble 5 door Metro, out of those a concept car of the Scout was built.

Now let’s just be clear here, Rover had no part in this process, they didn’t even supply a donor vehicle to them. Now lets get back to the styling,  although today the soft roader look doesn’t look out of place in any Marques show room, back in the late 80’s the only one you’d have seen would have been the legendary Talbot Rancho!!!!

To be honest the best place to read all about this one off build is over on AROnline who has quite the insight in to how the concept was developed and what happened to it next, which included assessment by Ford.


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