Monday, September 8, 2014

Volvo P1800 ES

There’s no denying the Volvo P1800 is one stunning car, however maybe not the most practical. So in 1972, and for only 2 years, the ES was made available, the “Shooting Brake” version and my how good looking was it.
With its folding rear seats and glass “hatchback” rear, it was certainly forward thinking providing both practicality and performance. With 125bhp on tap through either a 4 speed manual or a 3 speed automatic, it still had the go to live up to the body. In its 2 year production, production only stopped due to the changes in emission and safety requirements due to be introduced in America, 8077 were produced.
When you see one in the flesh it just looks like it was always meant to be, not like many sports cars turned shooting brake where extending the roof line just makes it look awkward.



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