Monday, October 6, 2014

American Auto Club North West Meet, Krispy Kreme’s, Manchester

Well with the UK show season pretty much at an end and Sunday down to be dry and sunny (both in combination in the North of England in October is a rare thing) I headed over to the American Auto Club North West’s monthly meet at Krispy Kreme’s in Manchester with my daughter.

Getting there for about 10:30am it was already in full swing with 60 or more cars parked up, however over the next few hours we were milling around, and yes having some donuts, the cars kept flowing in. By the time we left there must have been over 100.

The mix and variety of US metal was awesome to see, from Vipers, to a Kenworth truck and WW2 army Jeeps to full custom hot rods.

There was even a few old UK influenced vehicles mixed in there adding to the whole vibe of the morning.

With pick-ups and more modern metal there was loads to see.

A few highlights though had to be the hot rod Land Rover, for obvious reasons.

And the V8 bike, seriously how often to you see one!!!!

 The weather obviously had a great impact and it’s fantastic to see a club getting together in such numbers; it’s a real credit to them all. What was very noticeable was the number of people and families that were just there to look round which means this meet is definitely now part of the local car culture. We had a brilliant time and it couldn’t help but put something up on here.

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