Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jaguar Kensington

Okay you’re Jaguar and just had the massive hypercar hit that was the XJ220 however the rest of your line up is looking a little dated, so what do you do? Hell get styling house Italdesign to come up with a saloon concept that blends the shapes of the XJ220 and adds in a few more doors. The result I think you’ll agree is very striking, particularly in the mundane jelly mould days of the early 90’s.

This thing though had the potential to live up to its hyperrcar looks, with a naturally aspirated 5.3ltr V12 up front producing 295bhp and sending it to the rear wheels. It could truelly been the way forward for Jaguar, helping it shed that now uncomfortable suit it had been wearing since the 70’s and be a fresh start for the noughties. However as history always dictates it never made production and only recently has Jaguar started making “new” cars.

However I think some it its styling cues definitely made it in to the Rover 600.



  1. This concept evolved into the Daewoo Leganza (1997-2002)

  2. Over the years, it went though a string of ownerships and is presently owned by the Indian based Tata motors.vancouver car transport